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Youth Hockey Hub

Youth Hockey Hub (YHH) was founded in 2010 by owner/operator Tony Zosel (aka Tony Scott) with the vision of covering youth hockey players, teams and events. Since its inception, YHH has focused its attention on elite players mostly in Minnesota and North America. Hosting year-round events for players of all ages (ages 9 to 18), YHH prides itself with high-touch, highly covered programs with intense focus on the players. "We cut no corners at our events - the renewal rates to our tournaments are extremely high."

YHH events include a national anthem prior to each game and in-game music that creates an electric energy for the players and fans. Player interviews following the game on all games that are professionally live streamed on their website.

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Tony Scott interviews 2017 NHL 1st Round Pick Casey Mittelstadt after he was awarded the YHH HS Player of the Year